Soccer Injury Patient Interview: Raegan Cox

Soccer Injury Patient Interview

Name: Raegan Cox | #8
Year: Junior
Position: Defense
Major: Business Management
Foot & Ankle Problems: Turf Toe and Sesamoiditis

Turf toe is a very common sports related injury where there is a sprain to the main joint of the big toe. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and limited range of motion.

Sesamoiditis is also common with athletes and is typically due to overuse. It causes pain at the ball of the foot under the big toe.

How long have you played soccer?

16 years

What is your favorite aspect of being apart of the MSU soccer team?

The overall experience playing soccer at Michigan State is truly amazing. I love going to practice every day with a team that pushes me to be my best in everything I do.

Describe your initial foot injury?

During my match against The University of Michigan in spring 2021, I was in full stride and an opposing player jumped through the air and came down on my great toe joint. I felt immediate pain.

What was your journey to recovery?

I attempted to finish playing the season through the extreme pain hoping that it would get better. I spent four months in a boot over the summer but it never healed. At the start of our fall season, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Dr. Squires and became her first patient when the office opened.

I was amazed by the amount of time Dr. Squires spent with me. She took a sincere interest in my injury, and I really felt like she cared about making me feel better.

How has West Michigan Foot & Ankle helped you?

I don’t believe I would be playing today if it weren’t for West Michigan Foot & Ankle.

Before my appointment at West Michigan Foot & Ankle, I tried several different treatment options that were all unsuccessful.

Dr. Squires worked tirelessly to develop a personalized treatment plan that worked for me. She also customized state of the art orthotics using modern high-tech equipment that analyzed my gait and foot structure to help prevent future injuries.

What would your advice be to other athletes with this injury?

If you suspect you have an injury like this follow the RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) method until you can get in to see a doctor and I highly suggest seeking out Dr. Squires’ expertise.

When not playing soccer what do you enjoy doing in your off-time?

When I’m not playing soccer, I like hanging out with family and friends. I love to spend time outdoors, and visit Lake Michigan’s beautiful beaches. I stay active by walking my dog and working out.

What are your goals/plans after graduating from MSU?

After graduating with my undergrad in business, I plan to use my final NCAA eligibility to get a master’s degree. I am not certain right now exactly what I want to do right away, but eventually I would like to own my own business right here in West Michigan. I have a few exciting ideas for a new business, but I want to gain experience before venturing out on my own.

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