What is a Medical Pedicure?

Blush Beauty Medical Pedicure Spa - Ludington

We are excited to announce that West Michigan Foot and Ankle is opening a full-service, medical-grade nail salon. Blush Beauty will be accepting new clients soon and will be offering medical pedicures and manicures. Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks of our salon progress.

If you’re asking yourself what is a medical pedicure and how could I benefit from this please keep reading.


What is a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure or “medi pedi” is a noninvasive service performed at a medical spa with a licensed nail technician who works closely with a podiatrist. Your medi-pedi will be performed in a safe and sterile medical environment. The instruments used during your service have been put through an autoclave that uses extreme high heat and steam to make sure that they have no microbial life on them at all, killing all germs. At Blush, we perform a “dry pedicure” which means there will be no water or foot bath involved in your pedicure. Foot baths are the main cause of disease spreading in salons due to the moist environment and warm temperature of the water which are the perfect conditions that bacteria and fungus like to grow in.

Medical pedicures are a great service for people who are highly active whether it be from work or athletic performance. People who have diabetes, arthritic pain or any concerns about their feet or just want monthly maintenance are eligible to receive a medical pedicure. An evaluation of your feet will take place during your appointment which includes looking over all digits and both feet and ankles. During your evaluation, our nail technician will be looking for any signs that may indicate an area which may need further evaluation or treatment by Dr. Squires. Once your evaluation is complete, your service will begin and you will receive a tailored procedure to fit your specific needs.

Medi Pedi services include:

  • Full evaluation of skin and nails
  • Removal of nail polish
  • Pushing back cuticles
  • Clipping and cleaning of nails
  • Steamed towels on feet to soften calluses
  • File, Shape and Buff Nails
  • Hydrating lotion with massage
  • Polish if desired

What can Medi Pedi’s help with?

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Dry, cracked heels
  • Fungus
  • Ingrown/Overgrown toenails
  • Overgrown cuticles

What products will be used during the Medi Pedi?

This is where we get very excited for our patients! We are using products with all natural ingredients for both the feet and nails during your service. We will be using a combination of two great brands, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care  and Modern Podiatrist. Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care line is providing a selection of nail products that maintain strong and healthy nails naturally while the Modern Podiatrist (Mod Pod) is a skin care line customized to your foot needs to prevent and fight unwanted everyday issues like dry/cracked skin, fungus, and more!

Enriched Nail Polish for Medical Pedicure

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care and Polish

Dr.’s Remedy was one of the first doctor-formulated nail collections that have many benefits ranging from functionality to flair. The ingredients used are vegan, enriched, UV protected and breathable. Regular nail polish has unwanted ingredients that harm the nail while creating an environment that traps moisture making the nail unable to breath which causes fungus to grow directly on the nail plate. This is where Dr.’s Remedy comes into play, their ingredients are filled with biotin, tea-tree oil, anti-fungal garlic bulb extract, antioxidant vitamins and more. These ingredients prevent and treat everyday troubles like nail fungus, dryness and discoloration at the same time as giving you a long lasting color, worry-free!

Podiatrist Approved Skincare Line - Michigan

The Modern Podiatrist

The Modern Podiatrist (Mod Pod) is a podiatrist-created skin care line specifically for your feet made with the highest quality ingredients that fight and prevent everyday issues. ModPod has both a women’s and men’s line that features all natural soaps, scrubs, callus erasers, fungal treatments and more!

Can I purchase these products for home use?

YES, in fact we encourage you to! Dr. Squires has carefully researched the best products for her office that can be beneficial for her patients in a safe and natural way. These products have ingredients that have been tested to fight off unwanted fungus, pain, calluses, dry damaged skin, weak nail plates and more while being gentle on our nails and skin.

Dr.’s Remedy products available to you:

  • Total Two-In-One (Dual Purpose Base and Top Coat)
  • Restore Ridge Repair (Conditions, nourishes, strengthens bumpy nails)
  • Anti-Fungal Caress Cuticle Oil (Hydrates, Fights and Prevents Nail Fungus)
  • Healing Hydration (Nail conditioner with moisturizing benefits)
  • Nourish Nail Serum (Cuticle Serum and Nail Oil)
  • Radiant Remover (Sustainable and Renewable Natural Polish Remover)
  • Nail Polish Collection (50+ colors with natural ingredients for you and your nails)

Mod Pod products available to you:

  • Body Scrub (comes in many scents)
  • Fresh (Deodorizing Foot Spray)
  • Relax (Foot Soak)
  • Soothe (1000 MG CBD Pain Stick)
  • Heal (Callus Eraser)
  • Hydrate (Hydration Balm)
  • Nourish (Body Lotion)
  • Buff (Loofah Exfoliant)
  • Repair (Cuticle Oil)
  • Balm (Lip Moisture)

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