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Common Foot Deformities

There really are no two feet alike. The structure of your foot is very complex and can cause multiple issues. Deformities are commonly due to genetics and this can result in bunions, hammertoes, flatfeet, high arches, as well as increased pain and pressure which can lead to overloading injuries. West Michigan Foot and Ankle provides care for these deformities through conservative options to reconstructive surgical procedures. We are here to help guide you through a treatment plan that best fits your needs. 


Bunions are a common hereditary condition that is referred to a “bump” on the inside of the foot. This forms due to bone and soft tissue instability at the metatarsalphalangeal joint. The area can become sore, irritated and motion at the big toe joint may cause pain. There are many treatment options depending on the type and severity of the bunion deformity.


Flat Feet

High Arches

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We have outlined the common foot and ankle problems, but there are other conditions that may not be listed. If you do not see a condition that fits what you are experiencing please do not hesitate to contact us, we can likely help out and if we can’t we will refer you to the proper specialist who can.

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