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Common Children’s Foot & Ankle Problems

As a parent the health and wellbeing of our children is very important. There are a number of foot and ankle concerns that may arise during development. Thankfully, many of these are easily corrected through conservative measures especially if caught early on. You know your child best and if there are any concerns you may have please call as we are always willing to provide advice or schedule an appointment, if needed. 

Ingrown Toenails

Plantar Warts

Foot Deformities


Flat Feet

In-toeing or Out-toeing Gait

Heel Pain

Sever’s Disease

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Do you have more questions?

We have outlined the common foot and ankle problems, but there are other conditions that may not be listed. If you do not see a condition that fits what you are experiencing please do not hesitate to contact us, we can likely help out and if we can’t we will refer you to the proper specialist who can.

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