Behind the Scenes of a Medical Pedicure

What is a medical pedicure/manicure?

A medical pedicure is a dry pedicure given by a Licensed Medical Nail Technician using sterile instruments in a medical facility under a podiatrist.

What is a dry pedicure?

A pedicure that does not submerge your feet under water or use a foot bath with jets. This wet and warm environment is a great place you can find bacteria and fungus, especially when there is no solution to sterilize the basin or inside the jets thoroughly.

A medical manicure is a very simple and sterile service. During a Medi Mani your cuticles will be pushed back, nails clipped and filed, while ending your service with lotion and cuticle oil. All instruments used for this will be sterile and products are all-natural and anti-fungal.
Medical Pedicure Benefits and Blush Beauty in Ludington, Michigan

What to expect

Step by Step process of a medical pedicure: A medical pedicure without polish takes around an hour.

    1. Arrive at West Michigan Foot and Ankle’s lobby and you will be escorted back to our Blush spa room
    2. Your feet will be fully sanitized with ModPod Fresh Anti-fungal Foot & Shoe Spray
    3. Sof’feet Callus Reducer: Take down Calluses and dry/cracked skin 
    4. ModPod Callus Eraser: Apply Callus eraser generously over both feet and cover in plastic bags
    5. Warm Towels: Wrap warm towels on each foot to help the products penetrate into the skin and let sit around 10 minutes (this is everyone’s favorite and most relaxing part)
    6. Push, Clip, File: Next we will push back cuticles, clip and file all nails
    7. Remove bags and scrub feet until they are squeaky clean
    8. Apply ModPod Nourish Body Lotion with light massage 
    9. Apply ModPod Repair Anti-fungal Nail & Cuticle Oil
    10. Feel free to end your experience in the massage chair located in the Blush spa room
    11. Add-on options are available including polish, reflexology and/or Keryflex.

Aftercare Tips

Dr. Squires recommends getting a medical pedicure four times a year or every 2-3 months. This helps stay on top of fungus, dry skin, calluses, ingrown toenails, and more. Fun fact: Up to 14-25% of the general population are affected with a fungal nail infection or athlete’s foot. Also, nearly three quarters (73%) of Americans have suffered from dry, rough, cracked, or irritated skin on their feet.  It is very important to stay on top of this to prevent any symptoms from worsening.

Things you can do at home to stay on top of maintenance in between appointments:

  1. Callus Reducer: Use on dry feet before showering to remove dry dead skin. 
  2. Callus Eraser: This has anti-fungal properties in it to go up against the tough callused skin and to fight/prevent athlete’s foot! It also contains urea to help soften your callused lesions. User tip: A little bit goes a long way with ModPod Callus Eraser. Pro Tip: Use the Callus Eraser and then apply Sof’feet lotion to help really soften up those tough calluses and heel cracking.
  3. Lotion: Apply ModPod Nourish Body Lotion or Sof’feet Cream all over feet to stay on top of dry skin. Sof’feet cream is a very thick lotion that is great for anytime use but the BEST right before bed to sit on those dry areas for best effectiveness. Pro Tip: Do not apply lotion between the toes as this can increase your risk of fungal infections (athlete’s foot). 
  4. Cuticle Oil: Apply 1-2 times daily depending on if you’re using it for prevention or to fight against existing nail fungus. 
  5. Schedule your next appointment to stay on top of things!

Products are available in office.

 Are they worth it? What is the value/benefits of getting one?

Of course they are! It is so important to take care of our feet, they are the foundation of our body. The value in a medical pedicure is to maintain or improve your foot health, while decreasing your risk of fungal infections, painful lesions and prevention of dry, cracking feet in a relaxing and sterile environment.  Every foot deserves this.

Can a diabetic get a medical pedicure?

Yes! We prefer our clients and patients come see us if you have diabetes and are seeking a pedicure. We offer a very safe and sterile environment that will benefit you tremendously. You have a Licensed Medical Nail Technician (LMNT) working on you that also works closely with Dr. Squires and knows exactly what to look for. Our LMNT is trained to assess your toes, feet and legs during your service to be sure everything looks great and if not, you are at the right place with a doctor available to make sure your needs are met medically.

Medical Pedicure Foot Spa in Ludington, Michigan

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